WP Bookmate

Super-easy, lightweight booking calendar plugin for WordPress

Are you in the rental business? Renting cars, apartments, tents, machines, wedding halls? If you do and want to move your business online, WP Bookmate might lend a hand.

Split day booking

Same day check-out and check-in

All year or Season only?

Allows time frame limited booking

Price Exceptions

Unlimited price exceptions per unit

Updatable bookings

Edit any booking subsequently

Inherits theme styles

No need for extra CSS

Database friendly

No extra db tables and WP queries

Easy-peasy to setup!

In case you are in the rental business, WP Bookmate is definitely the most affordable, easiest to set-up-and-work-with-solution on the planet. You can literally set all up in just a few minutes and start running your  business online.

Sticks to any post type

The subject of booking can be any post type available in your WordPress installation, be it a built-in or the custom post type created by the third party plugin. WP Bookmate is simply attachable to any post type!

Docs on YouTube
How things work with WP Bookmate? How to set it up? How to manage Bookings?
It’s all there, watch to kick-start your own.
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